COVID-19: Who Did It? (1)

It has been observed that whenever a crisis situation emanates, the first question that most people tend to ask is; who is responsible? — In other words, who is to blame? I think it comes quite naturally to humans, the urge to identify a scapegoat when things go wrong, and they do this mostly to absolve themselves of any blame in the situation. The ongoing war-of-words between U.S President, Donald Trump and the Chinese Government is a well-publicized and vivid example.

Now, while the aforementioned questions are by no means illegitimate, I don’t think they should overshadow the most important question, which should be; How do we solve the problem?

Thankfully there are others in the world who share my line of thought and are seemingly doing their best to manage the situation while working to come up with a solution. This is not to spite anyone but I think for those who feel that they cannot offer any solution to the problem, the least they can do is to support those who are working towards that.

Government standoff isn’t going to do us any good at this moment, Rebellion would be a stupid cause of action, Conspiracy theories (even if true) cannot solve anything, Mass disobedience will only yield detrimental results for the nation, keyboard war and name-calling between atheists and religious people on social media won’t help anyone either and most importantly, panic is the last thing humanity needs at this crucial time.

With all these in mind, we should realize that there are places where the effects of the coronavirus are being felt more and stricter restrictions are being imposed. We need to be responsible at this moment – adhering to advise and laid-down guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to protect ourselves and others.

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