Atheism and the “Big Bang” Fallacy

Atheists tell us that the universe is a product of random chance. For years, they have tried to convince us that somehow an explosion was able to cause order. But we all know that explosions (small or big) don’t cause order, they cause chaos… And even if the “big bang” was responsible for the creation of our universe, then what caused the big bang? The last time I checked; every “big bang” must have a “big banger” – Every effect must have a cause.

They say creationists lack common sense for believing in a creator of the universe; that they have scientific evidence to support their “big bang” theory. My question to them is; What is scientific about a claim that the universe came out of nothingness? it is a scientific impossibility for nothing to create everything, Yet, with all their “common sense”, that is exactly what they want us to believe. In my opinion, the ” big bang” can best be described as a fairytale for adults.

“The fool says in his heart that there is no God… ” Psalm 14:1 (NKJV)

Now here is the part that confirms how the above scripture verse defines the Atheist; We could give Atheism the benefit of a doubt – (let’s just imagine that their claims and implausible theories turn out to be true), what has the believer got to lose? We won’t be staking anything after all.  But If it is true that we are not just products of a cosmic “roll of a dice” and we are actually here because a grand designer intend us from the very beginning; and this grand designer is a moral, transcendent being that everyone would eventually answer to; of course for the believer, that’s worth staking everything for. Same cannot be said for the Atheist but even the Atheist would have no choice on the matter — he is forced to stake everything and if there is a God, the atheist is sure to lose everything, hence he is referred to as “the fool”.

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