Christian and Gay, Love or Hate?

Christians all over the world are being labelled as “hateful” and “intolerant”, simply because they refuse to be receptive of various secular behaviours and ideologies that go against biblical values. One of such ideology is the same sex behaviour that seems to be spreading like wildfire at the minute. But come to think of it; isn’t it funny that the same individuals who do not agree with the biblical values that Christians hold, would expect Christians to agree with theirs, all in the name of “all-inclusiveness” and “diversity” OR whatever term they use these days? If you ask me, I’d say that is hypocrisy on their part.

Notwithstanding though, the fact that these people identify themselves as homosexual doesn’t make them any less human than the heterosexual or straight person – we all have our sins. As Christians, we are to hate SIN and not the SINNER, and homosexuality is just one of many sexual sins that are rampant in our society today.

My point is; Instead of hating your gay neighbours (which is tantamount to murder according to Jesus Christ), treat them with kindness and love, as is the hallmark of the Christian faith… Sharing the truth of the gospel with them should be borne out of love and sincere concern for their salvation. Do not condemn! Sow the seeds in love and allow Christ to carry out the transformation process. I have seen and heard testimonies of gay people who encountered Christ and are now living a straight and happy life.

Finally, to those who are tagging Christians as unloving, hateful and intolerant for not affirming ‘same sex’ behaviour, here is a food for thought; “love doesn’t mean you approve of everything the loved one does, love means that you protect the loved one; and that requires standing in the way of things that are going to hurt them and others, even if they don’t know it at the time (Every parent would relate to this).”

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